About Us

Our Mission

Simply put, Spray It Forward is a charity set up to help Collegiate Waterski Teams and Skiers across the country with the goal of growing the number of participants and enthusiasts within the sport at both the competitive and recreational levels.

After spending time at a number of collegiate water ski events in 2010/2011, it soon became very apparent that water skiing and being part of a collegiate team would be a vital aspect of their university experience. It was very clear that the students involved were having an amazing time, but they weren’t necessarily having the safest experience, because the majority of the college skis were old and dilapidated. Quite often the skiers were not even skiing on the right size equipment and in many cases college teams and schools were sharing a very limited number of skis between a larger numbers of skiers. I personally experienced a team from the Mid West Region with 20 ski members sharing only a few skis in 2011. That event inspired Jodi’s Ski Skool On Location Tour to put up a new ski with bindings in a raffle amongst 18 teams. As fate would have it, the most needy team got the ski and no longer needed to share one ski amongst 20 skiers.

This experience was the birth of the Spray It Forward Initiative and we are ready to make a difference in the collegiate community in hopes that skiing will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The Mission of the Charity is to collect gently used and donated waterski equipment from the enthusiast waterski community across the country who need a great way to up cycle their gently used equipment.

We work with National Collegiate Waterski Association to distribute the donated equipment out to the College Water Ski Teams and schools across the country on a need basis. Spray It Forward will donate Slalom, Trick and Jump skis, to insure that skiers are using the proper equipment to participate in the sport as safely as possible. Having these kids training and competing on newer and properly sized equipment with correct fitting bindings is the first steps to better and safe skiing. The results will not only improved performances and greater experience, but also a safer ride.

Spray it Forward is a 501c3 charity that was created in Honor of Amanda Hoffman to better the sport of Collegiate Waterskiing. Our hope is that by supporting the collegiate water-skiers at the beginning of their journey, that later in life they will use their disposable income to better the lives of future generations of water-skiers by donating their gently used gear. Donate today and change the life of a skier. It never felt so good to Spray It Forward!