In Memory of Amanda Hoffman

Amanda embodied everything that collegiate skiing holds valuable and Spray It Forward hopes to honor her memory by giving back to the collegiate waterski community.

Image 5Amanda Hoffman was a 23 year old spring 2013 graduate of Texas A&M University. She scored in the top 5% nationally in her law school entrance exam and was accepted to several highly acclaimed law schools throughout the country. She chose to enroll at the nationally ranked University of Houston Law School in the Fall of 2013 so she could stay immersed in the Texas business culture. Amanda was a Southern girl through and through and was best known for her vibrant, energetic and highly contagious personality. If you knew Amanda you are a better person because of it, she continues to inspire those who knew her. Her laugh was one of a kind and put a smile on your face as soon as you heard it…you just couldn’t help but laugh with her.

Among a myriad of other attributes, Amanda had a serious knack for fashion, writing, and all things wedding. She spent an entire summer writing for Southern Bride magazine in Memphis, TN. But you couldn’t let her girly side fool you because she was just as talented when it came to extreme sports. Amanda loved water skiing and started skiing at a very early age with the encouragement of her Uncle Dan, she couldn’t wait for summer to go to Michigan and ski with her uncles, aunts and cousins on Silver Lake and Silver Fox Lake. She was also a fierce competitor on the Texas A&M Waterski team where she served as club Captain for nearly 4 years. Amanda loved traveling and especially favored South Africa where she spent an entire semester volunteering her time teaching children at the Kayamandi Township. Amanda realized that she wanted to become an attorney to be able to help those who were unable to help themselves during her time with the local children. She saw this as the best way for her to benefit others in need. It is probably one of the easiest decisions she ever had to make, as it completely suited her strong willed, highly motivated, no compromise disposition.

She had a tender heart and was always looking to help out those around her in any way should could. Her friends always had someone they could count on for sound advice, a shoulder to cry on, or a fun filled day to forget about problems. Amanda was an all around gifted person who is much loved and cherished by everyone’s life that she has touched and continues to touch. When you look up the phrase “live every moment to the fullest” you will see Amanda Hoffman’s name.