International Junior Ambassador Team


Congratulation to Benjamin & Daniella Norman from New York for learning deep water starts on one ski and leaning to drop a ski in only a few days. Thank You to your Dad (Ian Norman) for buying you this perfect 63.5″ Junior World Team O’Brien Slalom Ski to get you started on in both your water ski careers.

This amazing ski was donated by Pete Surrette of O’Brien Skis, and then bought and converted to cash for the charity. I am very excited for the future of these two young skiers!

Alex, SIF are honored to have you become part of our International Junior Ambassador Team and we thank you and your parents for your support towards SIF buying converting this donated ski into $250 cash to help run the charity and its mission to help young talent in our sport develop and succeed and grow the sport on and international level across the world.

SIF has a BIG DREAM as I am sure you do to and as a team we can achieve our dreams together.

The shorter donated slalom skis that are to short for the adults college skiers are being offered to the young and talented skiers from around the world who are just getting started at an affordable price to make it easier to get involved with a sport that will teach you discipline, patience, confidence and strength in many areas in your life.

These life skills will serve you well and bring you much in return within school and life. This 63.5 Radar slalom ski will not only take you and then your younger Brother to the next level, it will become the tool to help teach you all these skills.

SIF is blessed to have you on our International Team and I hope you will respect this honor bestowed on You and Ludo and always try to do you beat.

We believe in you, your parents believe in you and now that you are believing you can reach your dreams, there is nothing stopping you achieving anything you put your mind to. I’m very much looking forward to catching up with You and your Brother at your home club Rooya Plas in Holland August 1st-5th whilst on my On Location Euro Tour.
Enjoy your summer and keep dreaming BIG! #growthesportspreadthelove
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